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A "Deluxe Hula Hoop" is a package provides:

  • a 8-piece weighted, detachable, and portable hula hoop
  • hula hoop carrier
  • hula hoop stickers 
  • tape measure


Please select your desired hula hoop color. All hula hoops come with 4 colored pieces and 4 gray pieces. 

Deluxe Hula Hoop Box

$47.00 Regular Price
$23.50Sale Price


  • You are purchasing an adjustable, detachable, portable, and weighted hula hoop along with a hula hoop carrier and more (read description).

    Select from our colors:

    - Green and Gray (Lucky Hula)

    - Pink and Gray (Pinky Hula)

    - Yellow and Gray (Sunshine Hula)

    - Orange and Gray (Tangerine Hula)

    All hula hoops are uniquely made.

    The hula hoop shelf life is usually between 3 uses-2 years. This timeline varies for customers due to:

    - in/frequent use

    - how and where the hula hoop is stored

    - incorr

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