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Black Girl Hula

Bringing Nostalgia to Fitness

The BGH Experience

Hi HuLi's!​ Black Girl Hula💕 is a holistic wellness space that sells weighted, detachable, and portable fitness hula hoops.


Hula Hooping (HH) may have been a fun childhood activity; but now, HH is a fitness craze and has many benefits for adults. BGH hula hoops are weighted to maximize the benefits. 


One of Black Girl Hula’s goals is to diversify and expand one’s understanding of exercise and body movement. Working out can be fun and you don't need to purchase large workout equipment. 

Some benefits include:​


Black Girl Hula💕 is a movement! Pick up a hula. It doesn't matter if it's weighted or not. Just move your body. Remember, always HAVE FUN and if your hula falls, pick it up and try again!


All identities welcomed!

  • Helps to strengthen your core

    • a good replacement for abs workouts for those of us with limited back mobility  

  • Increases stamina and endurance

  • ​​Improves coordination and balance

  • Reduces stress

Black Girl Hula Videos

Check out our YouTube Channel and Instagram Feed for hula workouts and fun videos! 

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